Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Part 3

An afternoon spent skulking around pubs reveals these immutable truths:

- old men will argue how Bass / Landlord used to taste better until they drop down dead.

- there are few finer food and beer combos than a pint of Thornbridge Jaipur and a doorstep chip butty

- every rainy day is made brighter by the unexpected introduction of ska to the jukebox

- local brewers often reveal themselves to be opinionated cocks when they talk to customers without realising what that customer may actually know about beer

- there are fewer finer topering experiences in an English pub than enjoying a real ale, served by a real character, who draws a real fire and then pulls up a real solid wooden chair for you to sit in.

- when the leaves are starting to fall from the trees, it's time to unleash those fat, sticky, malty beers. Hops for summer; malts for winter.

Pubs drank in today: 3

Pints drank: 7 (Sarah Hughes Dark Rich Ruby * 1, Thornbridge Jaipur *3, Brunswick Father Mike's Dark Rich Ruby * 3)

Number of different beers on offer in those pubs: 30

Potential scoops on offer: 9

Scoops drank: 0

Reluctant Scooping score: max


Where Nobody Knows Your Name: Part 2

I'm still being grumpy in the corner but there's life in the old Scoop yet.

I'm enjoying doing what I used to do pre t'interweb days - drinking beer for the fun of it rather than drinking beer and writing/Tweeting about it. But there's plenty of news, reviews and interviews lined up for November. Thanks for all your comments, both here and elsewhere.

Being grumpy in the corner is a sojournment, not a retirement :-)