Bottled Up

There's plenty of quality bottled beer out there. Not just at specialist retailers and online; supermarkets are now offering a widening selection of strengths and styles. Brewers are becoming bolder with short-run bottlings of brews that have been barrel-aged. And, of course, some bottles are iconic.

Bottled Up now has a broader remit than its original review roots: it highlights new beers on the retail/wholesale market, examines marketing campaigns and promotions, finds quality bottles behind the bar and in unusual outlets. I'm still keen on reviewing new releases  - if you want to send me something through see the Contact Me page for how to get in touch.

Here's some of my favourite Bottled Up features so far:

Thornbridge Bracia


Mikkeller Black Hole

Russian River Blind Pig

Leelanau Petoskey Pale