Pubs To Love

Some of the very first posts on Reluctant Scooper were under the banner 'Pubs To Love'. It was an attempt to quantify and classify what made a pub attractive to me - the scoops available, the background noise etc.

Nowadays it's more about a feeling, the context in which the beers are set, the canvas on which a session is sketched.

It's about re-visiting old favourites and trying to work out why I love the place - it's seldom only due to the beer they sell. It's about discovering places that have previously snuck under my radar. Pubs that are famous. Infamous. Revered. Feared.

Well, maybe not the ones that are feared.

Here's a few of my favourites:

Goat's Head, Abbots Bromley

Royal Oak, Southwark

Sheffield Tap, Sheffield